Coffee or Tea? Coffee or Tea?

As I write this I am thinking about why I am more often than not drawn to coffee over tea. Even though I adore tea and would prefer to drink only tea. I think I have come to a conclusion to my conundrum. As in my previous post earlier I talked about how tea is a ritual, how it causes us to slow down and enjoy life in a different and more thought provoking way. A deeper way to connect. Coffee is zingy! The taste, aroma, and even ritual of coffee is all about movement and speed. Tea is mellow. I would love to get to a space where tea trumps my coffee ways. But how to go about this!? It really is all a change in habits. I wake up, drink and energize drink, workout, then coffee. What if I switch it up? Get up early, tea and contemplation, energize, workout, then coffee (if I am still wanting it at that point). As I type this I can see how that would be a great way to start my mornings! I am going to blend up some more recipes and see how working my morning like this will work out for me. Baby steps to great change.

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