What The Tea!

Drinking tea is a ritual. Whether you are brewing from loose leaf or tea bag. It takes time, patience, and thought. I myself will find myself shying away from having tea because of this some days. But I make the time, even if my mind doesn’t want to slow down. It is a meditative time, a time to connect with yourself (and if you are able, others). I will often sit and ask myself why I opted out of this peaceful moment when I do skip it. The question always arises unanswered. I think that the quieting of the mind and body forces us to look within at ourselves, at how we are thinking/feeling/doing/etc. This introspection into life can be a ‘look’ that most people do not want to make. But when we sit and take the time we can improve on the things we are running away from. We can face them in peace.

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

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