More Than Just the Surface

Yesterday, as I drank my Earl Grey, I was mesmerized by the steam rolling off the surface of the hot liquid my mug was containing. It got me contemplating surfaces and how there is so much more below what we can see. As my mind wandered I was brought to the image of an iceberg. Stoic, pronounced, bold. But, even the biggest iceberg on the surface has an even larger part of itself submerged. People are a lot like icebergs in that way. We portray a particular version of ourselves, a small tip of an enormous iceberg. Getting to know someone is a lot like diving under the surface of the water and getting a glimpse of all that they truly are. On the surface we are small, but as we go deeper under that surface a huge being resides. Just like the iceberg. The things tea brings our minds to contemplate upon.

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