Nature’s Medicine

Yesterday, my 4 year old had a fever and was feeling awful so I decided to brew up a special blend for the both of us. I still have to look up what different herbs do for our bodies but some I have come to learn by heart. The star of this blend was Hibiscus which is known for being rich in Vitamin C, among other healing attributes that I will discuss in another post. Hibiscus, slippery elm, elderberry berries and flowers, echinacea root and herb, dandelion root, rose, lavender, and a bit of a healing blend I created months ago which has many other herbs in it. You can really create a tonic that will aid your body in healing. But it takes more time than just pouring a dose of a cough syrup, or fever reducer like acetaminophen. Even though this ritual takes time, I also believe it is the slowing ritual that aids in healing us; Taking time to carefully choose, steep, and cool just enough. Then the act itself of drinking the tea is an anxiety reducer. Nature has so much medicine for us. The biggest part of that medicine is to slow us down and to take our time.

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